Diversity and Inclusion

The Customer Culture is a minority and woman-owned consulting service firm.

Director, Ms. LaTonya Washington

Our Approach

The diversity and inclusion approach for many companies is now realized to be a necessity within the fiber of their companies. The collaborative efforts of company employees and team members is allowing many companies to flourish within their creative, innovation and understanding of the cultures within.

Our training is facilitated as varied interactive objectives using an approach which enhances participation, understanding and absorption of new ideals and habits.  Our modules are designed to offer different challenge so all key customer service skill sets are utilized.

Our sessions also focus on the internal customer and teamwork.  They provoke and stimulate fresh thinking and also provide practical ideas that can be applied immediately in the workplace. 

Our Concepts

We believe in the following concepts:

Engagement – The continuous attention and interest is generated by encouraging lively hands-on participation.

Adaptation – We ensure that we match the depth of the material to the current level of the participants.

Exercises – While we keep knowledge, skills and attitude in close balance, we focus more on skill development through careful hands-on real world exercises.

Experiences – We draw out the personal experiences of participants to keep their emotional engagement high.

Simplicity – No matter how complex, we deliver with a simple structure that is easy to absorb.

Tools – We include effective tools that can be used back in the office.


Organizations that fail to recognize the importance of the customer experience are risking flaws that destroy customer loyalty and their futures.  When there is a lack of training, it is sure to be the demise of a company.  You need to recognize the flaws and create a training and strategy to ensure you do not lose.

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