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Executive Training (in-person)

An organization is only as good as its leadership.  Training is focused on the overall customer experience strategies for the organization, derivative policies, corporate customer service target setting, measurement, implementation, and developing reward systems.   At this level, the training focus is on principles, issues relating to change leadership and creating organization wide awareness.

Staff is the front-line to the company (in-person)

They are the people that connect with the people face-to-face.  Training is focused on customer interface management, people skills, human communication skills, telephone etiquette and general service delivery issues.  At this level, the customer service principles, customer value management, creative problem solving and front-line customer management are core tactical initiatives.

Certificate of Completion

Once the course is complete, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion of The Customer Culture Training Program that can be placed on their wall, on their desk or visible to the customers upon entry into your establishment.  Customers will be glad to know you have taken out time to study the customer culture, and so will you.

Our Online Training Program

(Also includes Video Training)

Our program is designed in a training format based on what is relevant now and the CX needs of your company. It focuses on the “how to” and the “why it needs to be.”  The format can be facilitated at different levels of detail and complexity.

This list of sessions will depend on the level in which the organization chooses after our free consultation. There are pillars of topics that fall underneath the main topics of I: Understanding your customer, II: how to build customer relations, III: knowing what customer culture is, IV: what to do when dealing with a difficult customer, the difference between a customer complaint versus a crisis, and V: how to stay positive within the culture of the organization. VI: Along with exercises that focus on team building.

If, by chance, you just need LaTonya Washington to speak to your group to motivate, we can do that too! She is an authority in workplace issues, diversity, crises, and is also a college instructor. In particular, La Tonya’s character instantly connects with the audience and allows them to feel comfortable in speaking up.

The course is crafted for each associate to undertake the program, for both in-person and online. With online, each topic has a download and video.