Low Key Haters

How often have you been criticized by others when you took action on something; whether it was developing social media profiles, creating programs or products, or even standing up to those close to you?

You’re not alone, it happens to everyone who begins to move beyond mediocre.

People have a tendency to feel threatened or intimated when you begin to move off the normal scale and you did not ask for their input or blessing. This is why you must have the courage to step out and know who you are.
Mediocre people will tell you that…

this won’t work in your industry
no one will work with you
your vision is too deep

…and so on.

You know you are stepping into the next level when you Create Problems for Yourself!

Brush off the negativity and keep your eyes on your goals. Soon, that hate will turn into low-key admiration.

Trust me.

As you work on your dream and continue actions to make your life what you want it to be, let our skilled instructors at the Profit Accelerator Masterclass take your life to whole new levels.

Be great,


LaTonya “LW” Washington,
Executive Director of The Customer Culture