Never forget to build your core values

Scientifically, it has been said that an elephant never forgets. Just like an elephant, people tend not to forget either, especially when it comes to being ignored by a sales associate at their favorite department store or the unfriendly look by the head usher at their local church that is frequent on occasion. One bad experience has a tendency to outweigh all the good, and though not fair, it is reality.

We all remember United Airlines in the headlines just a few months back where a stewardess argued with newlyweds headed on their honeymoon trip because they sat in seats not assigned to them, but were open, then thrown off the plane; and what about the family who placed their infant child in a seat next to them and was told they had to give up the seat, though the seat was paid for by the parents. The media went into a frenzy; those very moments hurt the pockets of United Airlines. We know we will not be able to keep everyone happy, but there are things we have to learn, as business owners, to keep our consumers as happy as possible.

Here is your start:

KNOW WHAT WORKS FOR YOU: As a business, do your first work first and know your mission and your niche. I like to call it your “why” and your talent.” When you know these areas, it will help you work harder at what you love and stay true to your ability to help others the best way you know with the use of your talent.

BE ACCESSIBLE: In today’s tech-savvy world, it is inevitable that more and more businesses will become digital. But even with that, people are human beings and they want to connect with other humans when felt necessary. Sorry, but we are emotional creatures, we feel, we hurt, we cry, and we laugh.

So, just like the elephant, never forget to build your core values around what matters most to people and use your talents and sensibility to be intentional about helping others. Your customers will remember and stay loyal for years to come.

That’s The Customer Culture Way.