3 Threats

A Recap About Those Threats


Hello Smart Entrepreneur,

I believe in recaps, so let’s


Did you know there are three areas as an entrepreneur you need to be aware of?

Each one of these can tremendously damage your bank account.

They are:

  1. Competition. 
  2. Customers. 
  3. Distractions. 

Most entrepreneurs only think about the first.




That one’s obvious. The internet has become infested with consultants, people trying to go into business for themselves, as well as those who may have one leg up on you.

Which gives prospects lots of choices.


They can shop around.

And look for the best deal.

So now what?

Do you lower your price? Or have you been asked…

“Why should I pick you?”

That’s a tough one.

Isn’t it?

Especially when not a lot of people have heard of you.

And you have no social proof.


You may not have been heard of by the masses, or have a lot of social proof, but you do know people…


That is where the customers you do have, you need to make them your primary focus and take good care of them.




Cuz they become your mouthpiece and continue to purchase from you.

Customers are the reason why you make the money that you make so stay humble and aim to please.  That is why you need to know who you are targeting and stick to the plan.  Never waste your time on people who are not willing to buy or try to make you come down on your prices.



Nobody realizes it. ‘Cause, it’s the biggest one of all.

Like, your message has to beat out the other videos, blogs, and emails.

“And the POTUS just tweeted what?”

“And, wait, which Kardashian is pregnant now?”

“And who just posted on my feed?

(See what I did there?)


And so on and so forth.

Ya know?

That’s what you’re up against.

Everything that’s a click away.

That your would-be buyers’d rather be doing.

Let that sink in.

So what do you do?

Stay focused, Invest in yourself, follow-up, be precise, find the tools to help you be strategic and did I say, INVEST IN YOURSELF?