Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

In order to become known for what you do, even for who you are, you will have to create a presence on social media networks.  Those networks include Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and more on the professional end, such as LinkedIn. 

You are a fish in a pond with much other fish and the only way to not be so obscure and stand out, you will have to post on a daily basis, know which platform works best for you by looking at analytics and use ads. 

Three Main Things You Must Do:

Be Committed to posting daily.  Now, you do not have to personally post, use other platforms such as Hootsuite, instanobel, etc. to schedule your postings.  But, you must still take time out to engage. 

Have Valuable Content.  People are always looking for information, and you want to provide them with great info about what you offer.

Promote.  You cann’t be worried about sharing too much.  Those who want your information will look forward to it. Those who don’t, may unsubscribe but you don’t want them anyway, you want those who are your target…. right?

We are here to help you!