Don’t Take Away the Customer Freedom

As we become more tech-savvy, many companies are taking away live interaction and replacing it with digital.  You have to know that people are relational and they want to hear the voice of someone on the other end as opposed to pressing multiple buttons, and finally getting to a representative.  So as a company, try your best to ensure you have someone available for customers to speak with immediately.

When we limit the customer, they become angry and can develop anxiety.  When that occurs, they are very eager to hit social media networks and Yelp and give you bad ratings; that is not good for your company.  For example, look at what is happening with the airlines as we speak.  Bad publicity is not Good for the bottom line and will hurt the pocket.

Customers have access to online everything and when they cannot reach you, they will head over to your competitor, and normally the first company to return the call WINS!

So to stay relevant, conduct a survey and see how your current clientele feels about your company and what things they would love to see improved.  Ask your customers for suggestions on better service that will enhance their experience with you.  Do not become easily offended and it is okay to say “I’m sorry.”

The life of your company depends on the way you treat your customers.  That’s The Customer Culture Way!