Have you ever found yourself JUMPING from Point A to Point Z, without paying attention to all the particulars in between? We often do this because there is a mental failure to LAUNCH!

Our brains have what I call a fail-safe and want to keep us as comfortable as possible. But, in order to achieve our next level, we have to PUSH through the fail-safe.

In business, before we get to any goal setting, we must first be set on our Mission (The reason why we are called), our Vision (what we foresee happening), and our Goals (the milestones that we accomplish after knowing our mission, our vision, and our audience).

So, this is just your reminder, really get clear on why you cut hair, why you sell jewelry, why you provide life coaching; there is something in you that is forcing you to do it, whether it be the creativity within, the love for beautiful things within you, and/or simply the organization or discipline that lies within you already. Nothing just happens…. You Best Believe That!