Perception Ain’t Always Truth

Perception for many becomes fact, and if you say you care about me in your advertising and I then experience the opposite, then all of that money spent on attracting me to your business has gone down the drain.

This is why it is so important why the owners or the managers of the business need to ensure they have their fingers on the customers pulse and not on what they want the customer to believe.

 You need to make sure you see what the customer sees and experience what the customer experiences.

The best way you can change your business to be in line with what your customers want is to listen to them.You need to understand what the perception of your business is in your customer’s eyes, or you will constantly miss the mark with them. You will spend a lot of wasted time and money on nothing.

So what do you think you have to work on in your business?

Don’t get too busy trying to get your customers to accept your brand of service as the way it is going to be. Be open to listening to their perceptions of what they actually experience.  

Because don’t forget, the customer’s perception is now fact to them. 

For example,  if your brand is all about vibrant, fun and class but the experience the client actually gets is rushed, disconnected and impersonal, then your brand is perceived as incorrect from the client’s perspective hence solidifying that in their heads.

Just remember… The better the experience….. The better the referrals by your clients

Author: Aubrey