Society Will Know You By Experience

As we are closing out 2017 and emerging into 2018, there are many people, just like you and me, who take a look at their lives to evaluate what has been accomplished. I, personally, also evaluate how I measure up to the way people see me or the experience they have after leaving my presence, either face-to-face or in Cyberspace. I fair to say, I’ve heard the words: “encourager, mentor, wise, loyal, friendship, courageous, and savvy.”

I appreciate that and it is humbling knowing my light is being shown to others in a way that would put a smile on God’s face; isn’t that what it’s all about anyway Latonya? We were created to operate in a way that is pleasing and to use our Gifts and Talents for good and prosperity.

My hope for you is that you are Happy, Whole and continue to have Courage to step into your next Journey! For many of us, it is a Year of Expanded Territory!