Some Of The Most Stressed Out People

Entrepreneurs, as yourself, are some of the most creative, dream chasers I know.

The downfall is that we are some of the most stressed-out people; when the business is at stake or we don’t know what to do next, the stress levels can go through the roof.

Why did I create business workshops and training? I did it because I realized the only way for us to be successful, we need a safe haven to be free, instructors who know their stuff and are willing to take us under their wings and guide us. It is not a conference, it is a workshop; and this year, you will experience a few extras for your betterment.

Just the other day, I had an amazing conversation with a mentor, and it was noted, “it is not difficult to get people to learn something, the difficulty has been us realizing we have to break some bad habits – bad habits of not coming out of our comfort zones, wanting to progress, and not pushing ourselves enough. Plus, being honest with ourselves and owning up to the fact that we do not know everything, and there are people around us, who know a little bit more.