Do You Really Know Your Audience?

Almost every decision you need to make in business gets easier when you know your audience really, really well. ⁠

and I mean things like this….

🥸 The stuff that keeps them up late at night… ⁠
😎The stuff that makes them reach for the butter pecan ice cream
🤔The stuff that they lay still and dream about…⁠
😮The stuff that feels impossible…⁠

How do you get to know them? You’ve got to listen. Ask them questions, take surveys, ask for responses, and especially in those early stages of starting out your business, respond to every single comment, email reply or DM. ⁠

Get to know your people, so that you can create what they need and are asking for from you. ⁠

You’ll know what they value most about what you do, and therefore where you can double-down and what you can drop…⁠

(And yes, like any relationship, it takes time to develop, so don’t stress if you’re not there yet!)⁠

Author: Aubrey