Do You Take People’s Money and Run?

Do you know those business owners who take people’s money and run?

I think we are going to talk about onboarding the rest of this week, because it is part of a customer’s journey.

So what is onboarding?

Onboarding is how you nurture customers, new employees, clients, etc., so they become more acquainted and comfortable with your product or service.

This is truly the beginning relationship between you and them…. It is what sets the tone and keeps people wanting to stay around.

So let’s share its importance:

60% of people who obtain a free trial of yours will use it and never return (especially if you do not nurture them)

Happy customer happy life (I got that from happy wife, happy life…. lol)

Onboarding will reduce the customer churn

Remember this, as a business, you want customer retention and with customer retention, means growth.

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Author: Aubrey