Does Your Business Suck?

In a recent experience, I was asked to conduct service and sales training for a large company with over 20 sites. As part of the process, they requested a mystery shopping visit to one of their outlets to assess how customers were being treated. What I witnessed was shocking – not a single customer was greeted or thanked, and there was no engagement during the exchange of money at the counter. It was clear that proper customer service skills were not being taught to the employees. Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of training their staff in customer service skills, and it’s hurting their bottom line.

Customers are searching for a great quality service and to be acknowledged as a valued part of the business. When employees understand this, businesses will start making more money, as customers have more reasons to come back. The whole notion of service seems to have been lost on a lot of employees, who treat service as an added “option” rather than a necessity.

To provide an exceptional experience, employees must engage with customers, educate themselves about the products or services they sell, and entertain customers to create a fun, vibrant and happy workplace. Engagement means being conversational and not just taking orders. Education involves having great knowledge about what’s being sold, leading to trust and longevity with customers. Entertainment is creating a fun, vibrant and happy culture in the workplace.

At our company, we offer tailored customer service training to assist businesses in creating a better culture for their customers. Investing in face-to-face training is essential for businesses to provide exceptional service and increase revenue. E-mail us at and let’s get you going. 

Author: Aubrey