Enough With the Games

A few weeks ago, I asked several clients and students to tell me their #1 pain point when it came to showing up on social media.. and many did not spare the details, << Test First Name >>

“What’s going on with all the changes..can I still connect with the audience I want?”

“On my IG, my numbers go up, then down. Any tips?”

“How many accounts should I have on these platforms if I have several businesses?

After reading just a few messages, something was clear to me: business owners are tired of playin’ games.

The fact is, nothing IS like it used to be in the social media world.

Between a video-hungry algorithm, frequent updates, and an insatiable demand for fresh content – lots of people have developed a “love-hate” relationship with the platforms.

And who can blame them?

But don’t hit play on the Boyz II Men breakup album just yet…

It’s possible to redefine our relationship with the social media platforms – because it’s still the best way to connect with customers all over the world.

You can:

Only post in ways that feel good.

Sell without being slimy.

Show up consistently without burning out.

Get predictable results regardless of updates.

Ignore all of the “rules” that make you feel trapped.

…And I’d LOVE to show you how!

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Author: Aubrey