How Do You Describe What You Do?

When people catch you off guard and ask “what you do”… how do you describe what you do?

As quick as that question goes off their lips, I say, “I help small businesses regain relevance in customer relations.” The next question they ask is…. how can I get training for my team to focus more on building customer relations, LaTonya?” BINGO!! Got you exactly where I want you to be….. “asking more questions.” You do know that if you do not build customer relationships, you won’t have a business……right? I digress..

Listen, no matter how grand a business is, most don’t get attention in a busy market, because there are so many other businesses trying to be seen too!

So, that means you need to stay as simple as possible.

Remember Nike’s tag line….” Just Do It! You won’t forget it because it is nice and simple and everything they do, focuses in on those 3 words.

You want people checking you out for more. You want them to head on over to your website.

You cannot overload every single piece of content you share. You have to be intentional about making sure your message is simple and clear in every way, shape, or form.

There is a great book to read regarding your brand and that is by Donald Miller, “Building a Story Brand”

Foot! I’m thinking about writing a new book! Pwahhh!!!

Author: Aubrey