How KFC tricked the world

The year was 2018…

Kentucky Fried Chicken had built their brand over decades, but there was this HUGE PROBLEM!

Nobody liked their fries…

I mean, social media tore them up on Twitter saying “@KFC, nobody likes your fries…they SUCK!” and the bad news kept on coming.

So guess what KFC did?

They went right on Twitter and said “okay, you’ve told us that no one likes our fries, so we have better ones coming soon.” Then they came out with a campaign that said, “Ain’t No Small Fry” and campaigned the heck out of it!

Although it was a huge risk they were taking, the campaign was a major success. It was one of the most read stories around the world, hit 3 million impressions on social media and won the Social Media Award!

That taught me a lesson…

Trying to hide your flaws is always going to be next to impossible. Hit them in the face, because people will always find something to talk about! Foot, I’m short – some people say that’s a flaw.

KFC used the negative customer reviews on their fries, to launch an even better version.

How do you use negative feedback in your brand or business?

My question to you is….”are you embracing your business flaws or trying to hide them” – hoping they will magically disappear?

People aren’t taking the okie doke anymore – that is what modern technology and social media has created. They will smear your name right on these social media platforms!

All I’m saying is, embrace your flaws, get help where and when needed.

Author: Aubrey