The Big “D” Database

Did you know that,

the value of your customer base

exposes much about the money health

of your business?


Hear me out…

If we do not pay attention

to who is purchasing and who is wasting time

we will go out of business!

You heard that didn’t ya?

When we pay attention to the value they bring or don’t bring,

it helps us determine if this is an active-customer

or a killer-of-the-business customer

this is how you determine who’s what!


Think Back:  How many customers have purchased recently,

came to your function or have given positive engagement?

Those are active customers,

Killers or “passive” customers are those,

YEP, you guessed it!

They ain’t purchased from ya, they ain’t talking, but taking all your info!

So, maybe they don’t need what you have to offer, or someone else offered

them something they believe to be better…

That’s okay because some customers will be seasonal,

it is up to you to go find new ones.

So, are you ready to do what you need to do for 2023?

I know I sure am!  because…