Whatever You Water, Will Grow

Recently I was asked to do a training for a leadership academy. Following the training, all participants received their Certification of Completion. I later asked the director, “do you all have a quarterly training for new employees on understanding customer culture?  

They said, “no, and that customer service was not at the top of their list. They did not feel their employees needed such a training.”  “They should automatically know how to be cordial to people.” You see, that is the mindset of a lot of companies.  That is why many times we get called in during a crisis. 

 Here is where the issue lies.

As a business, we can never just assume our staff “know” the right and correct way to do anything. For a company to have a tangible culture, it has to be taught and nurtured. 

Because there are so many crises happening in the world of customer experience and technology allows bad service to be recorded and placed on social media platforms, more companies are now beginning to invest in this area, because it does affect their bottom line. 

If your company is not going to invest in staff, into the structure of how customers get treated, then everything else is just surface effort. Without happy and returning customers, everything else we do is a little bit irrelevant.

The goal is to not only train your staff, but to help them understand the nature of the customer. 

We are passionate about the customer experience and our vision is to see a world filled with a great staff providing an emotionally great experience to those who walk through their brick and mortar or they connect with online. 

LaTonya Washington

Author: Aubrey