Where Do I Fit In?

If you have a book, product or service, I know you are:

  • Trying to decide IF you will create a product/service launch for the holiday season ….. OR
  • Trying to figure out where to begin…. huh?

This is the season where entrepreneurs and small businesses can make a chunk of their money. However, the question becomes “how can I generate the right leads of those at least considering what it is that I can offer them?

Great question!

I recently had my college students begin to look at things differently. Instead of just going after a target audience of perhaps professional women ages 35 and up who are looking for more in life (audience example), but rather to think about “targeted traffic.”

What does that mean?

Once again, glad you asked….

It means I need to utilize my social media platforms with a HOOK to have people become curious as to what it is I’m saying, which in turns trip wires the algorithms in seeing that MORE traffic has been eyeballing my content. It could mean my headline says…. “WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE CALLED BLACK FRIDAY?,” utilizing my e-mail list, sending out text messages (EZ-Texting), etc., along with placing in systems and automation (Marketing Funnel).

At the end of the day, you have to make a DECISION, then strategically begin planning things out. Utilize platforms such as Google Sheets, Asana, Trello to flush out and organize your content. You can also utilize Groove Funnels, Click Funnels, ActiveCampaign, even Mailchimp to develop your automation. Most definitely, place in lives and video… It is all up to you.

The thing is, whatever you are about to do, it is time to BEGIN DOING!

Author: Aubrey