People Say the Customer Is Always Right…. I Disagree!

I don’t believe the customer is always right, but I do believe in letting them be wrong with respect and dignity.  

It is always a way in which to communicate and steer them in the direction where there is a win for everyone involved.  Think about the angry customer who yells at an employee.  Is that right?  Of course not.  But the employee should have received training in such a way as to deflate the yelling (we’re here to help). 

There was an annual customer experience report noting that 32% of American customers stated they have yelled at a customer service agent, and 24% admitted to cursing. The best people working with customers on the “front line” know how to de-escalate anger and can even turn an angry customer into a fan when managed correctly.  

Yes, there are some customers or clients who are not worth doing business with, so let them go. Fire them as a customer. As they leave, keep the metaphorical door cracked open ever so slightly, giving them a chance to return under the right circumstances – unless they are breaking the law or putting others in danger.

Author: Aubrey