Are Sales Funnels Becoming Overrated?

All of a sudden, there is a lot of chatter regarding them and new small business owners and entrepreneurs are wondering if they are totally necessary.

Well, I say not all things are TOTALLY NECESSARY, HOWEVER, if you want to ensure your customers and clients have a consistent flow of connection with you, creating systemic automation via a funnel can be a game changer.

Why? I’m glad you asked…

Because when you consistently show up in people’s lives, in a pure way, whether it be e-mail, blog, text message, DM, they remember you and many times begin to feel obligated to stay connected and respond. This is why prosperous businesses have consistent customers…… they stay connected in some form or another.

Also, it allows you to develop a work-life balance. God is a God of systems, why can’t you have a system in place?

Even if you choose not to use a funnel, mark on your calendar dates and times in which you will connect with your clients.

Author: Aubrey