Giving Lip Service

“Our customers are the reason we are in business”

“Our customers come first”



Blah, Blah, Blah…..

Gone are the days when a catchy phrase will ensure you will get away with treating your customers poorly.  The way in which people shop shows the evolution of technology and how they have easy access to any store or person around the world.





So just shouting out that you care about your customers is not enough. There needs to be constant and actual proof of that.

Customers/clients have had enough of lip service. They want to be appreciated by those businesses they are spending their hard-earned money with.

For those reading this who are…let’s say, a little more mature in age), you will understand this when I say customers are after “old school” service. This is why there HAS TO BE deliberate, thought out and strategic plans put in place to ensure all staff involved with customer touch-points within a business are on the same page and understand the bigger picture.

Unless there is consistent training with all staff within a business around the customer’s needs and outcomes, nothing will ever change, and things will just revert back to the same old way they were done before.  Let’s change the narrative.