Help Me I’m FADING….!!!!

In today’s world, proper old-fashioned customer service seems to be disappearing quickly. Customers are no longer blown away by someone’s effort to go way above and beyond to give them an experience. Most people don’t say anything anymore when they are treated badly as they think that there is no outcome if they do. Sadly, this has led us to accept bad service as the new norm. However, it’s time for a change back to proper service, and businesses need to understand that their growth depends on treating customers right.

There are four types of customer service styles that are rampant today in the marketplace, which I want to highlight and eradicate. 

The first is Ninja Service, where the service is so stealthy that you don’t even realize it’s there. 

The second is Skeleton Service, where you only experience the bare bones of service. 

The third is Fool’s Gold Service, where everything appears to be going well, but the true nature of the service is seen when there is an issue or something tricky pops up. 

The fourth is One Size Fits All Service, where customers are met by employees who spit out the same old rhetoric without providing personalized attention to customers’ needs.

Customers want experiences, engagement, and to feel appreciated. The fact is, they have more choices than ever before. Therefore, staff training is crucial for businesses to recognize that staff needs to be constantly updated in the skill of service to treat customers well and service them to the hilt. Businesses that understand this and engage in proper face-to-face training are the ones that will succeed in the long run.

Author: Aubrey