Share Your Story

Do you know how storytelling connects on social media?🤔⁠
People love to hear stories, especially if you tell it from an authentic place. We all have a niche of people who will relate to us and honestly, when on these platforms, those are the people you want to connect with. ⁠

You see, storytelling is the trigger of communication, and that’s why it’s so powerful. It has psychological superpowers which make it a powerful marketing tool, that’s why we pick up books and read (well unless you are stuck in a classroom and have to read a book selected for you by a professor… lol). ⁠

Storytelling connects through:⁠

1. Emotions⁠
2. Action⁠
3. Value⁠
4. Memory⁠

I would love to hear your story summed up in one word. My one word is HOPE. What’s your ONE WORD?

Author: Aubrey